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ARC-Tech Philosophy

ARC-Tech was founded to meet the growing needs of the Railroad Repair industry. The founders of ARC-Tech have owned one of the largest Railroad contracting companies in the Chicago land area since 1979, AllenRailroad.Com. This direct industry affiliation and experience provides the knowledge of what type of training is needed to prepare skilled track repair technicians. Experts in the railroad industry have developed ARC-Techs' innovative audiovisual program and curriculum. Each program focuses on the knowledge and abilities needed at the entry level. A continual process of course reevaluation ensures that training is up to date and provides the most comprehensive instruction possible.  

ARC-Tech believes in the principle of total preparation. We not only provide the prerequisite knowledge and skills, but also the opportunity for personal and professional development so that those who emerge from our program have the tools for professional growth and advancement. Our long-range focus is a productive, rewarding career for those we train. ARC-Tech is committed to providing the most comprehensive training possible to every student who enters the program to ensure career flexibility and to provide a satisfying educational and professional experience.  

Career Opportunities Through Specialized Education

The demand for qualified Railroad track foreman, operators and laborers makes this industry one of our countryís most stable industries. Personnel are indispensable and specialize in many fields. Wherever people live, work or play, the need for Personnel is essential. From installation, repairing, removal and train operations - the opportunities are there. ARC-Tech's  curriculum has been developed by Railroad Professionals. Instructors average more than 25 years of field experience. These state of the art learning programs are used in classrooms to promote comprehension and retention.

Educational Objectives

The primary educational objective is to teach employees  the specific technical and professional skills required for employment in the railroad track repair industry. Because the demand for qualified railroad workers is  far greater than the supply available in this industry. Technical skills covered in these programs enable employees to meet the demand for skilled workers. We give our students a practical knowledge of the industry that will prove valuable when working in building, repairing, and inspecting track. In FRA 213 courses, the rules and regulations of the Federal Railroad Administration will be taught. 

A Brief History
1973  After 7 years working in the railroad industry, Steve Allen created Allen Railroad.
1977  First classes begin for industry-sponsored students in railroad technology  
1978  In-house training continues and the development of audiovisual training programs begin.


Training Methods: Education for the Real World

Educational strategy at ARC-Tech is based on the sound theory of teaching, practicing, applying and evaluating. The following are some methods used to prepare students for entry-level employment as laborers, operators, foremen, and inspectors and to promote their desire for continued professional growth. Trainees study is centered around Federal Railroad Administration Track Safety Standards FRA 213 Subparts A-F.
Subpart A - Responsibility, track inspectorís qualifications, Track class, operating speeds, measuring Track, penalties and exceptions. 
Subpart B-Roadbed Drainage and vegetation. 
Subpart C -Track Geometry. Gage, surface and alignment. 
Subpart D-Track Structure. Ballast, ties, Rail joint bars and tie plates, rail fastenings.
Subpart E-Track Appliances and Derails. 
Subpart F - Inspections, FRA inspections, and inspection records. Trainees started with a 40 question Pre-Test to check for general knowledge and was tested in Track Class 213.9, Track Measurement 213.13, Gage 213.53, Alignment 213.55, Curve 213.57, Track Surface 213.63, Rail Defect 213.113, Rail End Mismatch 213.115, Guard Face and Guard Check Gage 213.143, Track Inspection 213.233 and 213.235 and a 70 question final test on all other area of FRA 213.
Comprehension & Retention

Railroad professionals designed our course materials to teach our students todayís needed skills and to promote comprehension and retention. Classroom Discussions include factual material and first-hand experiences. Our qualified instructors review every aspect of the subject matter to ensure complete understanding of technical issues in the railroad industry. Binders are used with the audiovisual programs to help students retain material presented.

Individual Attention
Testing is conducted to evaluate each studentís level of learning and skill development. This allows our instructors to help overcome any difficulties the student may be having. Limited Class Size allows for individual attention and personal instruction. Classes are limited to 20 students per instructor.
Learn From Industry Experts
Students learn the latest technology from leaders in technical education and training. Since Allen Railroad maintains an active presence in the industry, ARC-TECH is up-to-date on developments within the railroad industry.  
Books, Meter and Supplies
Workbooks and lab supplies required during training are included in the cost of tuition.
 Safety and Professionalism
ARC-Techs' training program not only teaches track installation and service procedures but also safety and professional standards.  To project a professional image and protect the safety of our students, vests, hardhats and safety glasses are provided. Safety glasses are required to be worn in all lab areas. Students who see unsafe conditions or acts should report them to their instructor.  
Business Hours
8:00 AM- 5:30 PM,  Monday through Friday
Administrator,  Director of Operations               Sue Allen
Director of Administration and Compliance        Steve Allen
The faculty of ARC-Tech is carefully selected from available railroad professionals. They are chosen for their knowledge, professionalism, technical excellence and the desire to share their industry experiences with students in a classroom environment.

Standardized training is required by many other industries, i.e., Plumbing and Electrical.  Until now, the railroad industry had not offered formal instruction of FRA 213.7, the minimum RailroadJobs.Biz requirement to become a track worker.  With good training, a track worker can receive job satisfaction, job security, and a great salary. Starting salary for track workers range from $40,000.00 to $60,000.00 per year, depending on job assignments, work, pay zone and overtime.  There is a massive shortage of  highly trained track professionals today.  Contract railroad companies have been feeling the effects of this shortage for years.  Our contracting arm, Allen Railroad,  pays tens of thousands of dollars extra in overtime just because of the shortage of track workers.  Track crews can work very long days, seven days a week, several months at a time (in season).  Why the shortage? Despite the fact that railroad workers can start out making $40,000 per year, itís hard to get 21st century people interested in 18th century technology. The perception of being a railroader is not the same as it was some time ago. (Casey Jones is not exactly a contemporary icon these days). ARC has developed a Railroad Training Center called ARC-Tech.  ARC-Tech is staffed by experienced administrators and is being taught by instructors with many years of railroad experience. 

We require a minimum 20 students per 40 hr. session. We have customized an environment that is conducive to optimal learning.  Questions are encouraged.  By completing the one-week course, graduates will be ARC Certified/FRA Qualified. 

If you have any questions regarding the program, please call the Assistant Administrator at or 606-663-4700. Qualifies Graduate as FRA213.7. All class records including test scores will be kept on  record with ARC-Tech


Basic Training

ARC-Techs' FRA213 Training is a very thorough basic track training class. The ARC-Tech FRA213 Training is expected to turn out as many as 40 graduates per month to go to local railroads, railroad contractors or local industries that own and maintain a section of railroad track. ARC-Tech  employs two full-time agents for finding new students.

Higher Training

ARC-Techs' FRA213 Training is the minimum of RailroadJobs.Biz requirement for track workers. ARC-Tech knows some students interested in the railroad field, would like to train for professional positions within the railroad industry. ARC-Tech intends to offer advanced classes, which open up opportunities in the higher positions of the railroad industry. ARC-Tech intends to offer classes such as Railroad Marketing, which promotes the services of the railroad and Railroad Market Development, which develops industry for use of the railroad.